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The purpose of this programme is to expand our mastery and enjoyment of the game at whatever level we play. Ultimately, the way we play golf, like any other sport, is about our relationship to ourselves - seeking to enhance our understanding of life and reaching our potential.

Throughout the week, we learn about the 'inner game' - gaining insight into our playing strengths that ultimately bring us to our desired level.

The 'inner game' is about what goes on beneath the surface - our mental and emotional states not visible to someone watching. Often we may not be aware of them ourselves. Paying clear attention to our 'inner states' and external surroundings help us play more rewarding golf.

We work with techniques and approaches that enhance the way we play and enjoy the game.

There is a growing interest worldwide in a more 'spiritual' approach to golf, from the rise of Tiger Woods practising meditation and coming from a Buddhist background, to other golf professionals who embrace another dimension of the game beyond the purely technical.

This is what participants say about Fairway to Heaven.

We want to play!

Our intentions for the program are to:

  • Create greater awareness of our strengths, behaviours and possibilities for success
  • Experience new approaches that eliminate obstacles
  • Expand our awareness - both of our game and of our lives
  • Deepen our sense of self, inner knowing, intuition and confidence
  • Strengthen our ability to make connections with ourselves, our partners, nature, and the game
  • Develop an understanding and experience of community
  • Provide opportunities for personal reflection
  • Have fun, laugh, find deep relaxation and enjoyment in the week

For further information contact us:

In the Americas Joan Shafer

Email: shafer.joan@gmail.com
Phone: +1 808 747 1647 (day or evening)

In Europe Vin Harris

Email: vin@spiritualgolf.com
Phone: +44 (0)13873 73238 (h)

Rest of World John Talbott

Email: johntalbott@spiritualgolf.com
Phone: +61 (0)423 755 583 (mobile)
Fairway to Heaven

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