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Fairway to Heaven, what can I say I haven't better said at length in Preferred Lies? It has brought humour, freedom, lasting friends and gladness to my golf. It has restored the joy that was always there but all to often lost in the deep rough of seriousness, fear of failure and self-distrust. A week of it made my year.

Andrew Greig

Andrew Greig latest book, Preferred Lies: A Journey to the Heart of Scottish Golf (2006), is a memoir of this journey, featuring his experiences on Fairway to Heaven.

The book was featured on the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Month and shortlisted for the William Hill 2006 Sports Book Of The Year Award.

Fairway to Heaven - truly "fair ways" through brief periods of life's journey. Yet again and again within just a week over the years deep friendships develop and it's a joy to see how "newcomers" just fit right in  ... being out under the great skies in the wind, sun and rain together on these beautiful old courses, sharing the beauty and the challenges of the game and life is truly magical! I have returned again and again - though not even an avid or tremendously passionate golfer - just to deepen this experience with these lovely friends yet another time...."

Gisela Bleyer

The best vacations I have ever taken are my weeks at ‘Fairway to Heaven’. I’ve had wonderful trips throughout the United States and around the world and yet, the week of golf and community at each of the Fairways has been more rewarding, more fun and more inspirational than anything else I have experienced.

I’ve had the opportunity to do two of the golf weeks in Scotland and one of the trips to South Africa. Each of these weeks, with its unique group of people and fantastic golf courses has been more wonderful than the next. My golf game has improved each time and all with great laughter and support and relaxation.

Lisa Vandenburgh

 "Golf may not feel very therapeutic after a triple bogey, but a school in Scotland offers a course on how to apply the pastoral pastime's Zenlike aspects to the game of life. The weeklong session, entitled"Fairway to Heaven" teaches vaguely links-related skills such as meditation, visualization and proper alignment, then turns the spiritually readjusted loose on Scotland's most famous links. "Think of the fairway as the fairway of life", says John Talbott, who helped develop the course for the Findhorn Foundation. "We all end up in the bunkers sometime. It's a matter of how you tackle them." No wonder Tiger Woods always looks so calm.

Newsweek March 10, 1997

"The highlight of the week was finally realising for sure what the game is about."


"I think it is extraordinary to find that my expectation of the week was met."


"I have never felt so relaxed or "tuned" in on vacation. I have so many new ideas, directions and good feelings relative to my golf game that I view it now as a vast growth opportunity. This week was so much more than a trip to another world - it was a balance of inner and outer dimensions."


"This allowed me to combine a number of loves of my life - golf - all round well being - spiritual dialogue."


"Let me say how grateful I am to have participated in the Fairway to Heaven workshop. Personally, it was just what I needed - to get back in touch with a long-neglected and much missed part of myself - as well as my golf game. What more can you ask for?"


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